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Dear families...


As most of you know, our staff has worked very hard to stay ahead of the COVID changes and anticipate how we'll need to respond as the situation has emerged and changed.  Our staff met two weeks ago and made the decision that we would try to keep doing in-person lessons, especially for those kids who really need this type of learning, for as long as we can.  However, the number of cases in King County has jumped up to almost 3000 per day (and over 5600 in one day on Monday of this week). 


Given this, I am asking the staff to move as many students as possible to online just for the next 3 weeks until Holiday break and then we'll see how things are going in January.  If your child has special needs or learning disabilities that make online learning difficult, or if they are very young, we will try to continue in-person lessons for as long as the teacher and student can feel safe doing so.  


Hang in there all!  A vaccine is on the way!  KUDOS to our students, parents and teachers for continuing such outstanding learning during this pandemic.  Most of the other music schools are floundering but we're over 250 students now (up from 180 in June)!!  


Yours in music,


Sue Heale

Executive Director

KAMP Music


We are open by appointment only. Schedule with your teacher.  

Stay safe everyone!


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