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Outreach Programs


Music has the power to spark creativity, to instill confidence, to build leadership skills. Our community should have equal access to be able to learn and enjoy the possibilities music provides. 

KAMP Music's CommuniKIDS  

provides music exposure to wide audience from school students to families. 

CommuniKIDS _ ICS.png

Our CommuniKIDS workshops present a great opportunity to further students learning of music at no cost to the school or the students.

(Photo: International Community School)

CommuniKIDS _ B&G Club.png

 CommuniKIDS @ Boys & Girls Club Summer Camps.

Teacher Jacob taught music through rhythm games. 

Photo: KAMP Music teachers performed at the KidsQuest Museum.

Silver Notes

Silver notes was created to provide a structured environment  for seniors of all levels of music backgrounds to learn, and create music together.​ In addition to providing musical education we also provide special performances exclusive to the senior community. 

2023 La Primavera _ Revel.png

Photo: Choir performance at Revel Issaquah Retirement Home.

Choir Lux _ Revel .png

Future program


To provide a safe space for underserved communities to express themselves through music in the form of group lessons.

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