About Us:

Sue Heale, Founder, Executive Director, Piano/Voice/Woodwinds/Choir/Musical Theater

Originally from Upstate New York, Sue has taught over 500 private students since 2006.  With her M. S. in Marriage and Family Therapy, specializing in Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy, Sue is an expert with beginners and special needs children.  Sue guides KAMP with a passion for families and helping kids/teens/adults find a welcoming place to fit in and grow as people as well as musicians.  

Sue has co-written 5 full length musicals and 11 camp musicals since 2013.  She has composed over 200 songs during that time, directed or produced 13 shows and acted as costumer and set designer for our musical theater program.  Sue is highly sought after by parents of autistic children due to her high degree of success in working with these special kids through music.  Sue almost always has a waitlist but you can get on it!   Sue teaches piano/voice/flute/clarinet/ukelele classes/camps/choir and runs our musical theater program.

Joshua Sibley, Artistic Director

Joshua is a Kirkland native who has starred in many shows as a tenor.  He is in his 7th year of teaching at KAMP teaching voice, piano, guitar and musical theater.  Josh works with special needs teenagers and is thrilled to be part of the KAMP writing team with Sue Heale and Lambros Lambrou.  Josh has co-written 5 full length musicals and 11 camp musicals with Sue since 2013.  The writing team landed a publishing deal with Chatwin Books of Seattle, WA in 2018 and will soon be releasing their "SCROOGE" movie made in 2018.  

Josh is an extremely talented voice teacher who specializes in musical theater as well as classical voice instruction.  His students have:  performed at Governor Inslee's inauguration, starred in local productions at KAMP, Studio East and Village Theater, and more.  Josh has directed 5 shows in his tenure at KAMP and directs our thriving Rock Band Program. 

Raisa Asiryants,  Violin and piano

Raisa is from Armenia and speaks Russian.  She received her Master's degree from WWU and is in her fourth year of teaching at KAMP.  Raisa is a coach for BYSO and SYSO and performs professionally around the Seattle area as a violinist.  

David Sibley, piano

David is a Kirkland native currently completing his Master's Degree in Special Education.  He has been at KAMP for 4 years and has about 30 students.  David has four kids and is an encouraging and motivating teacher.  David works with special needs children, teaching them to use music as a coping skill and nurturing their natural abilities and talents as musicians.   

Olivia Heale,  Piano and Saxophone

Olivia is a junior at Seattle Pacific University and has been teaching at KAMP for 5 years.  She has grown up in the school, often playing the female lead in our musical productions.  Olivia is in Morocco for study abroad for the fall of 2019.   She'll be back around December!  


Amy Kuefler,  Voice and piano

Amy, a proud Canadian, graduated from the UW with her Master's in Music in 2016.  She also maintains a private voice studio on Queen Anne.  Amy has several years of teaching experience and is a very experienced performer as a soprano.  She has several operas and musical productions under her belt.  Amy is here on Tuesdays and Fridays for Fall 2019.  A former nanny, Amy is skilled with younger children as well as kids ages 6-18  

Peter Avelar,  Guitar, Piano, Drums, Group classes

A native of Metropolitan New York, Peter has over 10 years of teaching experience and degrees in guitar and composition.  Peter has two young children himself so he's great with younger kids and has a passion for group lessons for ukelele and guitar.  


Peter is an arranger and composer and hopes to grow his professional resume in these areas.  He is at KAMP on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturday mornings.


Vera Borodina, piano and voice

Vera is from Moscow and speaks Russian.  She taught music classes for several years in Russia and is now in her 2nd year of teaching private lessons at KAMP.  Vera has also performed in KAMP's 2018 Pirates of Penzance and with the Carillon Chamber Choir.


Vera is mom to one 10 year old daughter and is very skilled with younger children as well as teen girls.  She's a gentle soul who also holds her students to a high level of achievement.   

Sachie Tunick, piano, saxophone, early childhood specialist

Suzuki Method piano for young children, speaks Japanese

I was born to an award-winning conductor and music teacher and exposed to music at a very early age. I began piano and ear training at the age of three and soon joined the Yamaha Musical School program. Throughout my childhood I played passionately and kept the fire of love for Piano and music burning. I love sharing this spark of musical love to my students. I studied at Las
Positas College in California, with a focus on Music and Piano as well as Early Childhood Development. In addition to teaching Piano, I also am a

seasoned Pre-School Educator.

Prior to Kirkland Academy of Music and Performance, I taught with a Russian School of Music in Silicon Valley, California for over 5 years with Suzuki method. I believe in the musical potential of all students and excited to work with each student to unlock their abilities and motivation. I love to overcome each individual’s obstacles and enhance their inner strengths. Let’s start a fire for music together!

12345 NE 116th Street, Kirkland, WA  98034

425-419-9865 (Text is best)

Our EIN is 27-3402462  Andante-Kirkland Youth Choir is our legal name.