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What makes KAMP Music unique?

  • We want to take care of our teachers, hence we changed from following the school district calendar to an all year-round school, so our teachers have continuous employment all year.

  • Our guaranteed base salary is above industry standard of only paying if there is a student.

  • KAMP takes care of the administration tasks, student recruitment, enrolling/onboarding/billing so our teachers can focus on teaching and relationship building with KAMP families and fellow teammates.

  • We are a non-profit organization focusing on developing a supportive culture of team, versus individual private teachers.  KAMP Music is a community where teachers can support each other.  We have also developed a series of Peer-to-Peer workshop, where we learn, grow and share from each other.

  • We are open to creating extra volunteer or career advanced opportunities for our teachers who are interested in developing passion projects.  This can be done through our outreach programs, partnerships that help us deliver

  • We have almost 6 weeks of blackout dates (where you get to relax and recharge).3 of those are paid vacations. 

Come and join our team to make magic and make impact!

Take a look at our 2022 Impact Report. 

Music For All.

Open Positions


Private Teacher: Guitar. Passion for Music Required!


  • We are looking for a fun and engaging music teacher to teach private in person guitar lessons to students of all ages.

  • We understand that everyone’s teaching style is different, but KAMP prioritizes the student’s experience and engagement with music while balancing the parent's expectations.

  • Choose musical pieces and repertoire suited to students’ learning needs and musical preferences.

  • Provide structured, custom-made weekly lesson plans for each student. 

  • Assess and report learning progress to students and parents.

  • Required: Recitals twice a year consisting of your students. Each recital is individual and hosted by the teacher of the students performing.

  • Optional but encouraged: Willingness and excitement to engage with other programs that KAMP has to offer such as group classes, outreach programs, choir, theater program, rock band, etc. 

  • If you teach piano, drum or any additional instruments, please let us know.



  • 1-2 years teaching experience or music performance/music education degree or the ability to demonstrate musical competence and the ability to teach music theory/sheet music etc. 

  • Experience working with children in a professional environment.

  • Good communication skills (to parents, for coworker collaboration, and communication with the leadership team)

  • Knowledge of standard guitar curriculums.

  • Knowledge of both classical and pop vocal/piano/guitar technique and repertoire (students pick their music most of the time)

  • Optional but encouraged: Ear training proficiency, ability to play a song by ear on the piano.

  • Basic guitar theory including chords, fingerpicking, and ability to teach a variety of genres (acoustic guitar and electric guitar)

  • Teach basic mechanics of holding and playing guitar with proper technique, including proper body posture, fretting technique, and right hand techniques like and finger picking and how to hold a pick/plectrum. 

  • Teach how to read traditional music notation, guitar tablature, and guitar-related diagrams.

  • Teach how to learn and memorize notes on guitar.


Pay scale


  • $33-$35 an hour (hours to be determined)

  • Outside programs that you could get involved in are paid based on the program and will have different rates.


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