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Music Theory Enrichment Group Class

Each class will adjust to participants levels and knowledge base.
Overall theme and group classification:

Group A: Beginner. 6-11 y/o, early elementary to late elementary levels, all instruments.

Treble and Bass clefs, notes on the staff, C major scale, time values, intervals, sing along, ear training.

Group B: Intermediate. 7-12 y/o, late elementary to early intermediate levels, all instruments.  Half and whole steps, structure of the major and minor scales, key signatures, major and minor scales up to 2 sharps or flats, intervals, primary chords, sing along, ear training.

Group C: Advanced. 12 yr +. Intermediate and advanced, all instruments. Major and minor scales, major and minor intervals and their inversions, primary chords, triads, and their inversions, sing along, ear training.

We constantly add enrichment classes time, please keep checking in and sign up!

KAMP’s enrichment programs: 

In addition to expanding our student's musical knowledge base.

Group lessons: While each group lesson has a title theme, the curriculum are built with elements that are essential for:

  • Building confidence.

  • Peer relationship and learning.

  • Explore ensemble skills.

  • Expose to other areas of music, acquire new techniques.

  • Improve their creativity and communication skill.

  • Learning and understanding community building.

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