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KAMP Music’s commitment to our students

At KAMP Music, we believe that rewarding music education demands a high level of consistency and commitment, also clear communication between the student, the parent and the teacher. Therefore, we are a year-round school. 

2023 - 24 Enrollment Options

Thank you for your support of KAMP! Because of you, we have been able to offer our students and families the chance to explore, learn, enjoy, and appreciate music in a welcoming and inclusive environment. As a non-profit, we have been putting revenue back into the business to help it grow, in part by organizing community programs, and give our team a secure place to work

Over the last 3 years, as we expanded, we have continued to experience an increase in business costs. Our prices have been consistently below the average market rates in the area for in-person private lessons. We appreciate your continued support as we continue to grow, and we are so excited for what this year will bring to us all.

In order to meet these rising costs, we will be adjusting our tuition in the coming school year starting July 1, 2023. We will also be eliminating the Adventurer vs Explorer options. Our revised tuition will be as follows. Annual registration will remain the same. 

Classes are on a weekly basis.


2022 - 23 (ends Jun 30, 2023) Enrollment Options


Adventurer: Students who are committed to develop their musical knowledge and skills.

Student’s lesson schedule will be locked for the whole year.  

30 minutes - $150 per month

45 minutes - $220 per month

60 minutes - $270 per month


Adventurer ABRSM: Students who would like to commit to a more demanding course of study. The ABRSM curriculum includes the weekly individual lesson plus the optional aural training and theory group class. Admission to this program requires an interview with the ABRSM Coordinator.

45 minutes - $255 per month

60 minutes - $310 per month

For BOTH Adventurer options: you are required to pay both the first and last month's tuition before your first lesson starts.  The last month tuition will be forfeited if withdrawal before the end of the school year. 


And if you plan to take vacations often and long vacations in Summer, Explorer will be a more flexible option for you. 


Explorer: Students who are beginning their musical journeys or trying to explore different options to find the right fit.  This is also for families who may need more flexible scheduling options.

Tuition payment schedule on monthly or quarterly basis: 

30 minutes - $180 per month

45 minutes - $250 per month

60 minutes - $300 per month

Once the lesson starts, we require ALL enrollments to give a minimum of 30 days' notice for change of plan and tuition to be stopped. Please fill this form: Lesson Change Request Form

Questions about enrollments? Please email

Annual registration fee is required for all new or returning students:

$50 per student or $95 per family.

Tuition payment schedule: due on the 20th of the previous month. 

Missing lessons policy: if a student misses a lesson, there are no make-up lessons, lesson credits or tuition adjustments given for any reason. We encourage students to take advantage of our

Enrichment Events/Classes (at no extra cost) when they miss their individual lesson.

Cancellation policy: student who needs to cancel their program will need to fill out the

Lesson Change Request Form with a minimum of 30 days notice.

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