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Can I try a private lesson to see if I or my child is ready for them?  


Yes!  We always offer a free trial lesson for private lessons. 


There are no trial lessons for camps, group classes or other special events/workshops.  


Based on a discussion with you, we will place your student with the instructor we feel is the best fit.   We will account for factors like student age, musical level, goals, learning style, and of course, instrument preference.



Can I do make up class when I miss?


At KAMP, we understand the occasional need to miss a lesson due to unforeseen circumstances or schedule conflicts. However, accommodating makeup lessons has posed challenges for our administrative team and instructors. While we previously offered makeup lessons to ensure continuity and flexibility, it became unsustainable for our teachers due to the extra strain on their time and energy.

Maintaining our commitment to exceptional teaching quality led us to revise our policy. After exploring several options, we found it difficult to compensate our instructors adequately for the additional time without adjusting tuition fees. Please note that while our teachers are paid even if a lesson is missed, scheduling makeup lessons imposes additional financial strain on KAMP.
Instead, we encourage students to explore our Enrichment Classes as an alternative to makeup lessons. These classes provide an opportunity to supplement and enhance learning experiences beyond regular lessons. You can find more information about these classes here.

We value consistency in learning and strive to ensure our instructors can focus on delivering top-notch lessons during scheduled times. If a teacher ever needs to reschedule, they will arrange a makeup lesson with you. Thank you for your understanding and continued support of our commitment to quality music education at KAMP.

Where is the school located for in-studio classes?
We’re conveniently located just off the I-405 exit 20A at 116th Street.  We’re in the beautiful 116 Slater building with parking around the corner on the street.  We also have a parking garage around the corner by the The Art of Coffee shop, indoor and outdoor parking available.  Please plan extra time for finding parking.


What if I have a neurodiverse child?

Our teachers are experienced in catering to students with diverse needs, including those who are neurodiverse. They undergo continuous training to adapt their teaching methods and provide personalized support for students with special needs. We prioritize an inclusive approach, work with parents closely to ensure every student's unique learning style is accommodated.


What do I need before I start?

 To begin, sign up for a free trial using our KAMP Music Trial Form.

Having an instrument is essential. We can guide you in choosing the best instruments for beginners, alleviating any uncertainty. Additionally, we offer a limited number of instruments on loan for trial purposes if you don't have your own.
Recommended places for instrument loan:
Guitar Center:
Rentals Band & Orchestra:
Henry Bischofberger Violins:
For piano students specificall
y, we strongly advise having a full-size 88-key keyboard or an acoustic piano. Keyboards with fewer than 61 keys might not be suitable for more than three months of piano education. It's essential that the piano has weighted keys for an optimal learning experience.

What happens after the trial?

Following the trial, the teacher will suggest an optimal lesson length. Typically, beginners start with 30-minute sessions once a week. For more advanced students, lesson durations might extend to 45 or 60 minutes. As you or your child progresses, the lesson time may also increase.

Plese complete the registration form before your first lesson starts: 

KAMP 2023-2024 Registration Form (

What can I expect from the first lesson?

The initial lesson serves to set expectations and assess the student's current level. Normally, our lessons run for 30 minutes. However, the trial lesson lasts approximately 25 minutes, allowing time at the end for parents/guardians to meet with the teacher.
Our instructors prioritize engaging the student and fostering a dynamic and enjoyab
le learning environment. Lessons are tailored to suit the student's pace and preferences, rather than adhering strictly to a fixed lesson plan. Our focus revolves around cultivating a joyous musical experience, aiming to nurture lifelong passion towards musical skills and creativity.

Music lessons are a MULTIPLE YEAR commitment. The most successful students are the ones who want this, can commit to it and have the support at home for this type of learning. If your child is young, it's best for them to explore, sometimes trying more than one instrument before they settle on one they like. We suggest that all children consider doing 2-3 years of piano because it lays a solid foundation for a lifelong learning of music. 

Can I drop my kids off early and leave?

Students should arrive to class 5 minutes early or on time. The safety of our students is of utmost concern so minors can not be dropped off or left unaccompanied during non class times. If you are late in picking up your students please inform your teachers.

Can I cancel my lessons?

Cancellation Policy:

KAMP Music requires a 14 day notice of cancelling or suspending lessons. This is so that we can fill the open slot from our waitlist, but also to give the student/teacher a chance to wrap up their lessons and say goodbye. 

To cancel or suspend lessons (pause/stop billing), please fill out this form 14 days in advance:

What musical backgrounds do KAMP teachers have?

We take great pride in the staff we have formed who have very diverse educational backgrounds, performance backgrounds and teaching experiences. Many of our teachers have more than 10 years of teaching experience.

Collectively, we have over 100 years of teaching experience to offer. 

Meet our teachers


What more does KAMP Music offer?

If you're only coming to KAMP for your private music lesson, you're missing out!  

At KAMP Music, we’re building a musical community one student at a time.  That means our teachers will let you know about other opportunities engage in more offerings like our summer camps, group lessons, choirs, musical theater, special music nights including karaoke, and more.  We also try to connect students together in ways that form strong bonds within our musical community outside of class.  

Take a look at:

KAMP Music Choir Performance


Please check on our website or call us anytime to inquire about what more we can do for you.  

Enrichment programs


What if the teacher isn’t the right match for me or my student? 

Sometimes it takes a few lessons to develop the teacher student rhythm.  If your teacher fit isn’t right at any time, please give us the feedbacks and we will work with you to find the right fit.  KAMP wants everyone to have the best experience and that starts with clear student, teacher, and family communication.  


KAMP teachers are all on salaries, which is very unusual in the music instruction world.  This allows us to work together rather than competing to provide the best experience for each student.

How much do lessons cost?

Please refer to our enrollment options for details of lesson pricing. Enrollment Options.

Lessons go year-round, because students thrive on consistency.   This also allows us to uphold our mission of providing our teacher with livable wages and consistent jobs.  Many other schools lay off their teachers in the summer, often losing some in the process.  Please plan on doing summer lessons, even if you're traveling.  You can use our Enrichment Classes to makeu up for lessons lost due to travels or other summer commitments.

We strongly suggest committing to a year of lessons, and require 4 week notice by submitting the Lesson Change Request Form if you wish to pause or stop lessons.  It's really hard on teachers and kids when there is an abrupt stop to lessons so we highly discourage parents from doing that.  

Our year is July 1-June 30th each year.  

Why do you charge per month instead of per lesson?
At KAMP, ensuring business sustainability is crucial even as a non-profit organization. Charging monthly tuition proves to be more efficient for both administrative purposes and the sustainability of our programs, especially considering that the majority of our students are committed to medium to long-term learning.
This approach allows for smoother planning and administration of lessons, ensuring consistent support and resources for our students on their musical journey.


Can I pay only for half a month in December due to KAMP's closure for Winter Break?
At KAMP, we focus on the long-term musical journey of our students. If you're solely interested in signing up for lessons during December, you'll only be charged for two weeks of lessons during that month. However, it's important to note that there are months with five weeks of lessons where we do not charge our students extra, balancing out the payment over time.
We also offer project based lessons where we charge per project/per lesson. For example, audition prep, or competition immersion lessons. For more details, please reach out to


What more does KAMP Music offer?
Beyond private music lessons, KAMP Music extends a vibrant musical community experience. While you might join us for private lessons, there's a whole spectrum of offerings to explore. 

  • Summer camps

  • Group lessons

  • Choir Performance

  • Enrichment programs

  • KAMP Gala

  • Musical theater

  • Special music events including karaoke nights, potlucks, movie nights, and more..

  • Project based workshop like to prepare you for an audition.

Do you offer scholarships?  

  • KAMP Music is a 501 C (3) non-profit. If you need financial aid in attending our programs, please get in touch with us:

  • Scholarship Inquiry

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