Regular Lessons

30 minute private lessons...................$150/month, 12 months, 48 lessons during the year.

45 minute private lessons...................$220/month, 12 months, 48 lessons during the year.

60 minute private lessons.................. $270/month, 12 months, 48 lessons during the year.


Group Lessons

2-person semi-private lesson.........each child pays $150/month, 45 minute lessons, by teacher arrangement.


ABRSM Lessons

30 minute private ABRSM lessons.....$165/month, 12 months, 48 lessons during the year

45 minute private ABRSM lessons.....$240/month, 12 months, 48 lessons during the year

The ABRSM pricing includes our theory and aural training classes, currently taught by Adam and Raisa.

Annual Registration Fee

$40 per child OR $60 per family

Any family who started after 2/1/2021 will pay this for the new year.  If you started after 2/1, your fee you already paid is good for this next year as well. 


Community Service:

KAMP is a family. We are able to do what we do because we work together. Therefore, we ask you to contribute to our community further in one of the following ways in addition to paying tuition:

  • Contribute 5 hours of volunteer time to KAMP each year

  • Make a one-time annual donation of $120 to KAMP

  • Add an extra $10/month to your regular tuition

Why do we ask this?

  • This is only our 2nd tuition increase since 2016 so the Board has asked that families consider adding a donation of $10/month to your tuition if you can.  Our lesson rate is $37.50/lesson while the going rate locally is $42-47/lesson, often for less qualified teachers and no extra programming like our students enjoy.   You will be given the option of adding this to your monthly tuition or making a one time donation of $120.   Any donations are tax deductible and we are registered with BENEVITY for matching if you work at one of the local techs. 

  • We are also asking each family to contribute 5 hours per year of volunteer time since we have so many tasks that need to be done and no funds to hire people to do it.  (Microsoft matches your donation of time with $20/hour and Google with $10/hour.  Since 2016, we've raised over $50,000 just from matching donations for volunteer hours)