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Paying for Lessons

You'll receive an invoice the 1st week of each month (due on the 20th) for the next month's tuition.  Late fee will be $30 for payment past 10 days due. 

If you can set up autopayment via your registration form, PLEASE do. It will tremendously reduce our administrative overheads. We are a year-round school and a non-profit, every little cost saving helps. 


Once you receive your invoice, you have a few options for how to pay for lessons.

Questions? or 425-625-5661

1) Auto Payments

We can set up an automatic payment each month on or before the 20th for the tuition next month for you via Square with the card on file from the registration form. To do this check "yes" to automatic payments when you register, or email to begin autopayments the next month.


2) Pay via Zelle

You can set up recurring payments each month from your Zelle or banking app through Zelle on or before the 20th of each month for the following month's tuition.

Zelle Name:

The account's name is "KAMP Music". 

Note: Please write your email AND student's name in the description.

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