FAQs- Private Lessons

How much do lessons cost?  $36.25/lesson for 30 minute lessons. For 30 minute lessons, our tuition is $1740 for the year of July 1-June 30th.  This includes 48 lessons during that time period.  Each student makes monthly payments of $145.  We do offer 45 minute and 60 minute lessons for more.  We offer a sibling discount of 10% for the 2nd student.


Can I just try a lesson or class to see if I like it?  We always offer a free trial lesson for private lessons.  Group classes and camps do not have a free trial period. 


How long is the commitment when I sign up for lessons?  We do not ask for a specific commitment but we do strongly suggest that you plan to measure music lessons in YEARS.  It takes a long time to master an instrument.  We have a policy that you give us 4 weeks notice if you wish to stop lessons.  


Why do you do lessons year-round?  We believe our students thrive most with consistency.  This also allows us to maintain our staff during the summer (when we were not year round, many of them had to find other jobs to get them through the summer) and helps us keep a highly professional and respected staff.  


Why do you charge a registration fee?  We spend thousands of dollars each year on curriculum and teaching materials so this fee mostly helps us offset the costs of keeping up-to-date on the latest music and teaching techniques. 


Can I choose my teacher? If I’m already in lessons, can I choose to change teachers?  Sue is a pedagogy and child development expert and she places each student with whom she feels is the best fit teacher for each student.  KAMP teachers are all on salaries, which is very unusual in the music instruction world, so this allows us to work together without competing for students to provide the best experience for each student.  Of course, if your teacher fit isn’t going well, Sue wants to know and will work with you to find a better fit. 


What happens if I decide to quit lessons? 

If your lessons are not working well for you, Sue wants to work with you to figure out why. If you do decide to stop lessons, we do ask that you give your 4 weeks notice. 

Do you offer in-home lessons? Some KAMP teachers do offer in-home lessons depending on their schedules and availability.  There is a premium price for this due to travel time.  It’s $170/month for 30 minute lessons in home and we service an area within a 5 mile radius of our location in Totem Lake. 


 Is the lesson rate the same for all of the teachers?  Our teachers are all excellent!  We take great pride in the staff we have formed who have very diverse educational backgrounds, performance backgrounds and teaching experiences.  Many of our teachers have been here for more than 5 years which is a long time in this field.  The only exception to this would be our interns whose lessons are a bit less expensive. 


Can I do a 45-minute or hour-long lesson?  Yes.  45 minute lessons are $210 and 60 minute lessons are $260


 Is there a sibling discount?   As a non-profit, we are excited to be able to offer a sibling discount.  One per full paying child/student.  The discount is 10% off the 2nd lesson. 


Our physical space is closed but we're open 7 days/week online.  

Stay safe everyone!


Contact Us

Address: 12345 NE 116th St

Kirkland WA, 98034

Phone: 425-419-9865

Email: sue@kampmusic.org

Non-Profit Information

Our EIN is 27-3402462 

Andante-Kirkland Youth Choir is our legal name.