Can I try a private lesson to see if I or my child is ready for them?  


Yes!  We always offer a free trial lesson for private lessons.  Currently, all our individual lessons are online only to comply with safety precautions around Covid-19.  


Based on a discussion with you, KAMP’s Director Sue Heale, a pedagogy and child development expert, will place your student with the instructor she feels is the best fit.   She accounts for factors like student age, musical level, goals, learning style, and of course, instrument preference.


Can I try group lessons or summer camps?  


If you have concerns about the program fit for your student, contacting Sue for particulars is the best way to ensure a proper match between the student and the program.  While KAMP is currently preparing for small group summer camps at our convenient studio location, this can change depending on the situation with Covid-19.  


While we do not currently have trials for our group programs, if they are not to your satisfaction we will refund you for the unused portion of the program.  


Where is the school located for in-studio classes?


We’re conveniently located just off the I-405 exit 20A at 116th Street.  We’re in the beautiful 116 Slater building with parking around the corner on the street.

Our studio includes a comfortable waiting area for parents and siblings, practice rooms, and a larger performance space where we hold special events such as summer camp performances, open mic nights, karaoke nights, and more.


What if I have a special needs child such as one on the autism spectrum?


Sue will likely teach the lessons herself, because she specializes in special needs students and has the background to adapt to their needs.  


What do I need before I start?


You’ll need an instrument.  We can help suggest best choices in instruments for beginners to help take the guess work out of it.  KAMP also has a few instruments that can be loaned out for trial if you do not already have your own.  


For online lessons, you will also need a webcam and microphone.  Built-in ones are usually adequate.  


What can I expect from the first lesson?


Our instructors work to engage the student and create a fun learning atmosphere.  Lessons work around the student, not force the student to work around a rigid lesson plan.  We focus on making music filled with joy to build a lifetime musical skills and creativity. 

What happens next?


The teacher will give a recommended lesson length -- typically 30 minutes for beginners once a week.  More advanced students may have either 45 or 60 minute lessons, and as you or your child progress, it’s likely that the lesson time will increase too. 

Some of our students who are very advanced also have more lessons in a week to progress quickly, especially when they prepare for recitals or other shows such as our musical theater performances.


What musical backgrounds do KAMP teachers have?


We take great pride in the staff we have formed who have very diverse educational backgrounds, performance backgrounds and teaching experiences.  Many of our teachers have been here for more than 5 years which is a long time in this field.  Three teachers on our staff have Master's Degrees in music, Sue has a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and B.A's in Psychology and Education.  Many of our teachers have more than 10 years of teaching experience. 


What more does KAMP Music offer?  


At KAMP Music, we’re building a musical community one student at a time.  That means our teachers will let you know about other opportunities engage in more offerings like our summer camps, group lessons, choirs, musical theater, special music nights including karaoke, and more.  We also try to connect students together in ways that form strong bonds within our musical community outside of class.  


Please check on our website or call us anytime to inquire about what more we can do for you.  


Currently, small group lessons will be available in person as we move into the less restricted phases due to Covid-19.


What if the teacher isn’t the right match for me or my student? 


If your teacher fit isn’t right at any time, just contact KAMP Director Sue Heale.  She wants everyone to have the best experience and that starts with the teacher.  She’ll find one to suit you.  Sometimes this even means a new hire for KAMP.


KAMP teachers are all on salaries, which is very unusual in the music instruction world.  This allows us to work together rather than competing to provide the best experience for each student.


How much do lessons cost?  


We offer great value with our basic individual lesson plan of 30 minutes once a week is $145 per month.  There is a sibling/parent discount of 10% for the 2nd student who can join now or later.  We have many musical families at KAMP!  


We do occasionally hire interns whose lessons are priced lower.  We cannot predict when we will have an intern on staff, but please inquire about one if you are interested.


Lessons go year-round, because students thrive on consistency.  The school does take a short break over the winter holidays, though individual teachers may be flexible enough to schedule lessons.  We suggest committing to a year of lessons, and require 4 week notice if you wish to pause or stop lessons.  


Why do you charge an annual registration fee? 

 As a non-profit, your membership fee helps cover the costs of maintaining our professional staff year-round to help provide a consistent experience.  We can make sure they have the latest in training and materials.  


This fee is tax deductible and helps support the KAMP musical community to provide a quality experience for all students.   


Do you offer in-home lessons? 

Right now, no, due to Covid-19.  We hope this will change soon.  In general, some KAMP teachers do offer in-home lessons depending on their schedules and availability.  


There is a premium price for this due to travel time.  It’s $170/month for 30 minute lessons.  We service an area within a 5 mile radius of our location in the Kirkland Totem Lake area. 


Can I switch to longer lessons anytime?  


Yes!  45 minute lessons are $210.  60 minute lessons are $260.  


We are open by appointment only. Schedule with your teacher.  

Stay safe everyone!


Contact Us

Address: 12345 NE 116th St

Kirkland WA, 98034

Phone: 425-419-9865


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Our EIN is 27-3402462 

Andante-Kirkland Youth Choir is our legal name.