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2021-2022 Events & Calendar

Group Enrichment Classes:

KAMP: Music Theory Enrichment Group Class

Youth Improv Workshop

Date: Sept 30  – Nov 4 (6 Saturdays)

Time: 1-2:30pm
Age: 7-17 (no experience required)

Participation fee: $120 for the whole series
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Open House @ KAMP

Come and meet fellow KAMP Parents

Meet fellow KAMP families, like minded students, group activities and explore other instruments?

Join us for an open house party. Let's get to know each other. 

Feel free to bring a friend, a snack or both! 


Date: Sunday, Oct 1

Time: 4-6pm
Age: All

Reserve your spot:

Stick around for our karaoke night starts at 6pm, double parties in one go. 

Karaoke Night

Date: Sunday, Oct 1

Time: 6-8pm
Age: 6+


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