FAQ's Summer Camps 2021

Where will the summer camps be held?

Due to COVID and our desire to get kids out of the house and into a safe learning environment outside,  we're having our camps at our music school on NE 116th and 124th Ave NE but will van the kids to various outdoor spaces throughout most of the day. 

What do you do at camp?

KAMP has been providing full day childcare camps to working parents since 2009.  Kids arrive between 8:45 and 9:15 to morning free choice activities like board games and outdoor play.  Our morning sessions begin at 9:15 with a rehearsal/class from 9:15-10:30.  We then have morning snack and break from 10:30-11 followed by a second session of learning or rehearsal between 11-12.  Lunch is 12-12:30.  

Afternoon rehearsal/learning session is from 12:30-2.  At 2 p.m., we'll either board the van to go to Peter Kirk Pool for their afternoon swim session (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) or have an outdoor games time (Tuesday/Thursday).  We finish up our day with a final afternoon learning session and rehearsal between 4-5 p.m. with pickup being between 5 and 5:15

Over the course of a week, we'll learn an entire show or prepare a concert (guitar/ukelele and vocal weeks).

Is there a performance?

Performances will be on Fridays at 1 p.m. and parents can attend-- socially distanced and with masks. 

What are the behavioral expectations for campers?

KAMP Campers agree to:


1). Keep their hands and feet to themselves.

2). Engage in all activities to the best of their ability.

3). Listen to all leaders and follow instructions.

4). Uplift and support their fellow campers

5). Have fun!

How do you handle refunds?

If we cancel a camp, you'll be refunded any money you paid. 

If you cancel before May 1st, you'll get a 75% refund.

We cannot accept cancellations after May 1st because we'll have hired our staff by then.

Are scholarships available?

Yes.  KAMP's scholarship policy states that students who qualify for free or reduced lunch at school can get a 50% scholarhips to any program-- lessons or summer camps.  Please email Sue@kampmusic.org to inquire about a scholarship for your chid.

What COVID protocols will you have in place?

We will observe social distancing at all times, even in performances.

Parents can only be at camp during the Friday performance. All drop off and pick up will occur at the pavilion.  

Students should NOT come to camp if they are sick or might be sick.  If your child has a fever, they should stay home.

KAMP adult staff members should be vaccinated by the time camp starts.

We, of course, cannot guarantee that your child will NOT get COVID so all participants must sign an agreement acknowledging that there are COVID risks at camp and KAMP, it's employees, contract teachers, board members or other providers cannot be held liable for exposure to COVID.  Attending camp is at your own risk.