Sue Heale
Founder’s Notes 


KAMP is a non-profit committed to creating a musical community in the heart of Kirkland. We have 11 highly trained teachers on staff, so we can always find your student the right teacher. Our founder Sue Heale has been a member of the Kirkland Community for over 15 years, producing many shows for the City of Kirkland and providing top notch music education and community theater productions during that time. 

At KAMP, we believe that FAMILY is most important.  Everything we do revolves around families and encouraging them to make music and art TOGETHER.

We are non-competitive, all are welcome.  We are proud of our very diverse staff and the ways we've worked to integrate all children into our school programs.  Our special needs program with it's inclusivity in regular KAMP programming is a source of great achievement for us. 

We also support our staff in ways unheard of in our industry.  Our staff members are salaried, not paid per lesson like every other school we know of.  We do this to provide stability for them, for our students and for our community as a whole.  We do not rent rooms to teachers who have no affiliation to our school.  We work together as a team and consider that ALL OF US are your child's teacher.  

We strive to act with respect, honor and integrity at all times and expect the same of our students, our supporters and our teachers.