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KAMP Lesson policies 

​Effective June 1, 2022


Studying an instrument requires a great deal of consistency.  We strongly encourage parents to keep their schedule stable with us and not schedule other activities over your lessons.   


School policies:

  1. Withdraws and changes to the schedule must be requested with 30 days notice by completing the student change request form (Student Change Form).

  2. Once registered, monthly invoices will be sent on the 20th on the previous month before lesson starts.

  3. Late fee will be $30 for payment past 10 days due and returned check will be charged $50.

  4. If your teacher misses a lesson, they will reschedule it with you.

  5. No make up lessons will be offered to students who missed lessons due to illness, vacation, activities, other commitments or forgetfulness.

  6. If you start after July 1, your tuition will be prorated for the first month only.

If your student misses a lesson for any reason:

You can attend a one hour enrichment group class offered by a KAMP teacher.  Class offerings will include Music History, Music theory, Rhythm Skills, Games and more.  Offerings will vary month to month but will be available to all instruments and levels of players. 

   Enrichment Programs

ACCOMPANIMENT Policy for KAMP Families:

  • Our students who play instruments or sing often need professional level accompaniment for concerts, adjudications, festivals, and our own recitals.    

  • Industry standard is to pay the accompanist $50-75 per outing, which includes 1 rehearsal at a time to be arranged with the accompanist and the performance.  If it's for a recital where there are a lot of students playing, the rehearsal times will usually be scheduled on the same day. 

  • Please pay your accompanist directly and we encourage students to write them a THANK YOU note afterwards as a sign of appreciation and respect for their hard work to help your student to have their very best performance.  

  • Some KAMP teachers are available for this service.  Some KAMP parents are also highly trained parents who are available for this service.

  • KAMP will maintain a list of accompanists as much as we can.  We will try to arrange for one accompanist for any major event.

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