KAMP Make up Policy

24 hours notice is required for us to make up your lesson

If you forget your lesson or no-show, you will still be charged for that lesson. 

4 hours if your child is ill

Each KAMP student is allowed 3 makeups per year that are instigated by the student.  Please do not schedule appointments during your child’s lesson time.  


Let your teacher know as far in advance as possible if you’re taking an extended vacation so they can make those lessons up with you in advance.  We do require that tuition still be paid.  If you do not hold your lesson spot during long absences, we may not have room for you when you return and there are no guarantees you’ll get the same teacher.  Please help us respect the over 50 KAMP families per year who travel by honoring our policy. 

Financial Policy

Tuition rates for 2020-2021 Tuition is divided into 12 equal monthly payments for 48 lessons during the year

30 minute lessons  $37.50 at KAMP ($150/month) or $42.50 in home ($170/month)

30 minute lessons ABRSM (Royal School of Music) curriculum $165/month

45 minute lessons $55.00 at KAMP ($220/month)

60 minute lessons $67.50 at KAMP ($270/month) 

For students doing longer lessons in-home or ABRSM longer lesson times, talk with Sue about pricing.


There is no need for makeups for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring breaks because they are factored into the tuition.   Some months have only 2 or 3 lessons but some have 5.  Please plan that you will pay regular tuition  in December and June even if they are shorter months.

See our Studio Calendar for the 2020-21 School Year for details on which weeks you have lessons. 

Payment is due by the 15th of the month. Late payments will accrue a $25 late charge.


Please note, 4 weeks notice required to stop billing.

Optional Alternative Payment Plan for Adult Students

We recognize that adult students will have more commitments and less flexibility than kids, so we offer the option to pay for individual lessons on a limited basis. However, to guarantee our teachers the same income security, we charge a premium for lessons purchased this way.

30-minute lessons: $40 each

45-minute lessons: $55 each